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K – 9 eQDL Program

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If you would like more information about eQDl, or have any questions, please email

Tod Anderson.

Our K-9 program is designed so that students can begin to work independently. Students and parents work with the teacher to discuss how the program will be organized.

  • What courses/subjects will you begin to work on?
  • How will you organize your day/week?
  • What are your options for physical activity?
  • Do you excel or are challenged in certain areas?

Students receive the resources and materials they need for the program. Students work from home using a timeline developed by the teacher to keep them on track.

The student’s responsibility is to reach out to their teacher with any questions they may have.

Parents and students meet face to face with the teacher each month (at a minimum).  At this meeting, refinements are made to the student learning plan and educational options are explored.

Parent Responsibilities

The parent’s role in the K-9 program is designed to be one of support and encouragement.

  • Does the students have an inviting space to work.  (Sitting on the couch in front of the TV is NOT a recipe for success),
  • Is the student keeping up with their timeline.  Checking in each day to see how the student is progressing.
  • Facilitating contact with the teacher?  Sometimes students are reluctant to ask questions.  Parents can help their student reach out.
  • Facilitating movement.  Getting up and moving and getting outside can work wonders for the brain.  Providing avenues for the student to be active and spend some time outside or involved in extracurricular activities is a parental role.
  • Meet with the teacher face to face monthly (at a minimum)